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My Ramblings in the Silence
By Dr. Michele R. Wells

With the constant barrage of things that consume our time and energy, it is often difficult for us to steal away and take time to just be quiet. Some things we have to do and choose to do can invade the time that we would have spent just being still.  So as we schedule our days why not schedule a time to be in the Silence. My Ramblings in the Silence is an opportunity to build the habit of sitting in the silence and listening to the Father. I had to make myself sit in Silence because it is so easy to get caught in the busyness of the day. Even when we think that we have planned well we can look up and find that our time has been spent and we wonder where it went. This devotional challenges you to take 21 days and spend intentional time sitting in the Silence. Not asking for anything, but listening for everything that the Father would want to speak to you. The short devotions shared here are my honest musings as I contend for the Silence.  I invite you to share this experience with me and journal what God is speaking to you in the Silence.

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