Dear Beloved of GOD,

A little more than a year ago after spending some time with the Lord praying, and reading the Bible, I felt as though He was asking me to do something. I called Shelley into my office and shared with her that; I believe the Lord wants us to become authors. Shelley and I recently served the Lord as house parents 5.5 years for another ministry in our area. Shelley has also cared for children while working 18 years at C.H.O.P. Working in the education system myself and serving children in the area of Life Skills, we’ve both used our vacation to serve as counselors at Youth Camp with our former church. We will continue to share the love of God and mentor youth, it is the grace He has given us. The Lord has placed a desire in us to continue to serve them by authoring a book on PRAYER.

PROVERBS 22:6 says that children should be BIBLICALLY TRAINED, in an effort to give them the foundation that will sustain them while they navigate their way through the world. What we have seen through many of the youth we have encountered is they don’t have the connection with God that is developed through prayer.  Jesus tells us in Matthew 28 to make disciples. Jesus’ asked Him to teach them to pray, it is the only thing they asked of Him. Prayer is vital to our lives as disciples. Sadly, it seems for too many of our youth Proverbs 22:6 means they attend church for a period of time, drift away, and then return to church and begin their path to discipleship. We would like to provide a tool for parents to begin a journey with their child as they learn to pray as well as the value of prayer.

Our book “The Praying Child” is a topical book of prayer with scripture to study and meditate on in an effort to build their faith in God, as well as establish faithfulness in them as a disciple. Some of the prayers included are; Parents, Siblings, Healing, Healthy Lifestyle Choices, Evangelism, Education, and The Sinner’s Prayer. This book can be used as a curriculum for Youth Ministry, or in break-out sessions for youth in church conferences.

                                                                        THE CALL TO ACTION
We believe: that providing this resource for youth (or *new believers) will help strengthen the Body of Christ. We are asking you to prayerfully consider sowing into this project as we embark on fulfilling the Will of God for our lives.

We are asking: you for a donation of $100 to assist with the cost of publishing and marketing this book. For a donation that exceeds $25, you will receive a signed book from the first press.

We believe: that you have the same desire as we do to honor GOD with your seed and your service, this is an opportunity for you to do just that.   


Norman & Shelley

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(All donations processed through this website page will go towards Norman & Shelley's book, "The Praying Child" )