Apostle Green’s words represent life, love, and the power of God to energize, sustain, empower, and rejuvenate us through every season. I encourage you to take a deep drink of the words she offers; they have resulted from her wins, trials, and her relationship of love with God the Father, Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

As I write, I am committed to ponder and meditate, and make this words-of-wisdom my own. It is with assurance in my heart that I say that every one of us will one day need these words, stories, and reports of miracles in good seasons, as well as in those seasons of those of great challenge. Thy Kingdom come, thine will be done.

This book represents a variety of interviews with Apostle Martha Green and her daughter, Elder Lillie Dale Raper. You will find it filled with questions, laughter, conversation, and keys that will unlock a personal journey for you and the Holy Father.

Apostle Martha V. Green is the pastor of St. Mary’s Unison Free Will Baptist Church in New Haven, Connecticut. She recently celebrated her  96th birthday while writing this book, that gives a bird’s eye view of a life lived with a specific assignment from God, a “charge to keep and a God to glorify.”

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